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Linda Gadbois
Sexual energy is the energizing, arousing, excitable energy of our system. It is also our primary creative energy. It not only has a strong motivational quality compelling us to to do something, become active but also has the added quality of enticing us towards pleasurable activities, ones that are playful, enjoyable, sexy, or artistic in some fashion. They encourage us towards forms of self-expression that we find very pleasurable. It arouses and stirs our natural feelings of passion for life itself. When we are feeling passionate, we tend gravitate towards beauty, music, arts, things that we love and feel strongly about engaging in. We engage in areas of our life that offer deeper meaning and bring an over-all sense of well-being.

It also has the quality of creating a desire to connect, to merge or become part of our own creation. To become fully present in the moment with what we are creating. This induces a natural state of what we call flow. Flow is when we are so present with our creation that we loose all sense of our self as an individual, as separate and apart from our creation, that we feel one and the same with creation itself. We become fully present in our body, aware of only the moment, and time itself ceases to exist. This is a very euphoric feeling that creates a form of inner calm that is hard to describe with words, its pure form as essential experience without a thought process. We create a true feeling of oneness which feeds our souls relentless longing to reconnect with our source, to become apart of something greater than ourselves. We are at once the creator, the creation while have the experience of creating.

In the energy system of the body, represented by the chakras, sexual energy is considered the second chakra, the one governing the sexual organs of the ovaries and testis, the areas of our body involved in pro-creation. This naturally is the area of the body that we feel an arousing, exciting sensation in whenever we activate this energy. If you place both thumbs on your belly-button, facing each other, lay your hands on your abdomen and form a downward triangle or heart-shape by touching your index fingers, you are identifying the approximate location of this energy center.

There are several ways to easily and intentionally activate this energy. We activate it anytime we want to use it intentionally to stimulate or arouse the rest of our system, or to bring a strong form of motivation to other areas of our life. Always keep in mind that energy is directed and shaped by the imagination. As you do these exercises, concentrate on feeling the stimulation in your body and allow it to feel very sexy. Energy is experienced as feeling sensations or qualities that stimulates emotions and thought processes of the same nature.

Linda Gadbois

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