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How I Found My True Love Through Internet Dating

This is a tale of a man who spent most of his days finding a perfect partner for himself on the Cyberspace. This man is obviously the writer of this article. I just thought I will share the story of how I met my true love through internet dating. How I got from lonely online love search man to now planning romantic getaways with my wife.

It started in 2007 when there was a buzz of new social media websites and dating sites. Facebook was making its mark in UK whereas I was into Internet and learning to build my own personal Website. I just broke up with my girlfriend and was a bit down and depressed. While browsing the net one day I found this dating site so I decided to give it a go and register on it. After creating my profile I started to browse the dating site to see whether I can find anyone who interests me. First few days I browsed to see what kind of people I can find there, who matches the best with my likings.

Then one day while checking my email I got an email from the dating site saying I have received a message from someone. I replied back and we kept in touch via email for next few months. Then one day my silly computer broke down and I wasn't able to email her for few weeks. Also during that time I had to leave to Italy for business purpose. When I came back I wanted to see if the girl I was chatting on that dating site sent me any messages. When I logged on I found out she already terminated her account. I was totally gutted because she was cute, intelligent and beautiful.

In the middle of June on my Birthday I organised a barbecue for my mates, as I was preparing for the barbecue I heard a ring bell. I went to open the door and there was a delivery man with a package in his hands. He said this is for you sir after clarifying my details. I opened it up and there was the BIGGEST SURPRISE of all time. The gift was from girl who I used to chat to online. Then I recalled that I gave her my Website details which was completed few weeks ago and had my personal details on it. There was a little note on the gift wishing me the best wishes along with her name and number. And that was I needed I called her up the same day and now after 2 years we are married and planning a romantic weekend away to Italy.

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