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Karina Sinclair
There are many good reasons to want to become a good kisser. Kissing is an act that usually shows affection, friendliness, or intimacy (an exception would be the dreaded "kiss of death," but that is for another article). If you become a good kisser you will be able to express your positive feelings for people in a way that they can understand non-verbally, which is how 90% of communication is understood.

This will lead to better relationships with your loved ones and friends. If you are interested in improving your relationships, take a look at these three concepts that will help you improve your kissing skills.

Kissing is primarily about the mouth. While it, in some way, involves the whole body, the mouth is the key point of contact. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a kissable mouth if you want to become a good kisser. What constitutes a kissable mouth? A few characteristics: clean (no food debris or foul odor); moist (no cottonmouth or rough, chapped lips); smooth (no five o' clock shadow or bleeding canker sores).

Taking the necessary precautions to maintain these characteristics will start you on the path to becoming the expert kisser you strive to be. I mentioned that kissing involves the whole body in some ways. Learning how to read other people's body language, and how to use your own to convey meaning, will help you become a good kisser.

There are two reasons for this. One, if you can understand body language, you will know the proper time to give someone a kiss. Likewise, you can effectively signal to your partner that you are ready to be kissed. The second reason is that with clear body language you will communicate what kinds of kisses are appropriate.

For example, if, while you are kissing, your partner begins to moan softly and adds pressure to your lips, you will understand that they want to engage in more passionate kissing. Reacting appropriately to these signals will earn you the reputation of a good kisser.

Once you can read your partner's signals, you must be able to respond with the appropriate type of kiss. You should master a few different types of kisses if you want to become a good kisser. As you build your repertoire of kisses, you will learn to respond with the optimal kiss for any situation, thus pleasing and surprising your partner immensely. For instance, when you kiss your partner, but they keep their mouth mostly shut, you can immediately try a soft, nuzzling kiss on the ear or neck.

This will probably warm them up a bit. Building a variety of kisses to choose from is a key step to complete as you become a good kisser. Kissing is a great skill to have, and it is fun to learn. As you learn to become a good kisser, make sure to relax and treat it as the enjoyable experience it is. Establishing a daily habit to keep your mouth kissable, learning about body language, and experimenting with different kisses, will all help you on your quest to become a good kisser.

Karina Sinclair

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