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Relations - Resistance to Change

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Kristina Von Rosenvinge
Relationships Relationships - Resistance to Change

Whenever one person in a relationship begins to make changes there generally is some resistance from the partner as the change progresses. There are two kinds of changes: 1. externally caused like loss of job, illness, children leaving home, need to relocate etc. and 2. change comes from an inner desire to do something new and different. I will limit myself to the latter. This kind of change is initiated by one person and has a definite impact on the partner. That is because what one person does upsets the equilibrium in the relationship balance.

Change even when it is highly desired carries an element of upset with it. The reason change is unsettling emotionally is because the outcome is not known.

Here are five points to keep in mind if you are the one making changes in order to understand the impact on your partner.

1. When you start something new expect that there will be resistance. Initially you may have the support of your spouse however as time goes by and your partner is impacted by the change it is followed by resistance to the change.

2. If you realize that this is bound to happen you will be more understanding of your partners adjustment to dealing with the change.

3. If you are the one embarking on change you also will also be dealing with your feelings of worry and anxiety if you can really make it all work the way you hope. Talk about your feelings and hopefully your partner will also share his/her worries.

4. Be sensitive to the fact that your partner may be feeling left out of your excitement about doing something that you are passionate about.

5. Change is healthy in the long run but unsettling while it is going on for all in the relationship.

Kristina Von Rosenvinge

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