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Seven Adult Romance ideas

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Karen M. Black
Here are my seven favorite adult romance ideas, which work with the law of attraction instead of wrestling with it. Can consciously using romance help you attract soulmate love? I think sobut you have to do it right. Not only do these grown-up ideas feel comfy for two, but theyre also heart-healing for one.

Adult romance ideas? As opposed to whatromance for children? Well, sort of.

Getting all caught up in romance is a bit like romance for children. It's fun for a while, but then things get sticky. Expectations grow scarily. Rose-colored glasses fog and then crack. Karmic relationships get really intense. Broken hearts follow.

But theres a way to have our romantic cake and eat it too. In other words, consciously approaching romance in a way that works with the law of attraction instead of wrestling with it. Why is this important? Because everything is energyand so is romance.

History of romance

For a long time, marriages were 'institutions,' often arranged by family. Then slowly, more of us began marrying for love. Romance bloomed. So did divorce.

Add to this that these days, many people are growing away from an institutionalized version of spirituality and religion toward a more personal version which may combine quantum physics, Eastern, Judeo-Christian, Native American or Shamanic philosophies, energy, the law of attraction, karma, and more. Like marrying for love, we've become empowered and encouraged to choose. We've become spiritual adults.

Falling in love is one way we learn more about our true natures. Like music, art and literature, romance has the power to unlock our hearts. We may associate this heady feeling with our 'other' - but really, it's a taste of the divine energy within us all.

Romantic ideas for spiritual adults

Here are seven of my favorites. I sincerely hope you enjoy them!

Magnetize your space - Dont wait for springde-clutter now! Clutter is sticky and carries the energy of the past. This may not sound romantic, but the wide open space left when youre done is..

Love nest - Make your home into a nurturing, welcoming, romantic space. Start by taking the computer out of your bedroom. Ditto with the TV!

Invite partnership - Remove any images of art that represents isolation. Replace it with symbols of harmonious relationships and togetherness.

Light the way - Use candles daily. Beeswax, soy, or plain unscented white. I use an incredibly pure variety, from a source you may have never even thought about

Soulmate sounds - Music is energy. It opens you and heals. So surround yourself with the music you love. Dance with your soulmateeven if you havent met him yet!

Scents of love Use an oil burner to infuse your soulmate-friendly home with pure, essential oils. For example, lavender oil heals. Rose oil inspires love.

Celebrate your soul - Surround yourself with images that represent *your* soul. Why? Because thats how your soulmate will recognize you.

These are not only comfy for two, theyre also nurturing for one. So use them whether youre dating or solo, and turn yourself and your environment into a radiant soulmate magnet!

Karen M. Black

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