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Jen Carter
Are you fed up with browsing through dozens of lacklustre dating profiles that

all sound the same?

So, how do you avoid your profile being dull, boring and lifeless? How does

the potential love of your life find you?

Here's seven simple tips to help:-

Get a good photo to post on your profile

Choose your username with care. If you want your username to say something

about you great, if not, just go for something simple, like Paul316

Always be positive, no moans or groans about past relationships

Write factual information - not subjective. So write about your job, places you've

lived or travelled to, information about family and pets

Don't write about what characteristics you don't want in a partner, but write about

the attributes that you would like

Write like you talk - talk about who you are

Revise your profile regularly and check for spelling mistakes

Remember to read the information for each of the profile boxes you complete - read a few

profiles on the site to get an idea of what each box is for.

Write in your own distinct voice - don't copy anyone elses style - and let them see the real


Jen Carter

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