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Yana Antonova (specially for
Since internet connection has become available in almost every little corner of the globe, and social websites have spread their net wherever its possible, we face all the advantages and disadvantages that net brings to us. As usual we have on mind online dating as well. There are numerous legitimate dating websites that help people all over the world find each other and communicate easily; some can find friends, kindred spirits, matches, life partners or future spouses. In general online dating can be safe, as long as you know the safety rules and look out for the signs of a scammer, because everything has both its good and bad sides. Unfortunately, online services can also be used by people having purposes different from honest communication and relationships, and they try to make use of others by means of pretence, lie and fraud. This can lead not only to material loses but also to moral wounds of innocent victims of dating fraudsters. Even being very careful you cant be absolutely sure who you have contact with. But there are ways and methods to protect you from possible dating scam if you know what to avoid in your personal online dating. Here there are most evident scam signs that should be helpful, so be careful and refuse from further communication if someone:

-Almost immediately asks for personal information, offers to bypass dating services webmail system and start direct communication from the first messages.

-Doesn't offer any detailed, personal information about themselves, doesn't answer your emails in a personal manner, changes topics, and discusses things in general.

-Starts talking about feelings and love to you yet before you meet in person.-

-Tells a sad story with the hint that only hope is for your immediate financial help. -

-Asks directly to send some money under various reason (rent, hospital expenses, visa, ticket charges are most typical).

Typical scam profile would have photos of exquisite quality showing a girl of model appearance, and no photos in casual surroundings, or no make-up photos. Keep in mind -if the member's photo looks too good to be true, that's because it probably is. Also most translation services also do scam scheme more then help with translations, as online translations are easy available on the net.

You can also make use of internet search engines to check for some key sentences from the messages you receive, name, e-mail to see whether this information has possibly been used/blacklisted.

If you feel concerned you might be in contact with a person who tries to scam, report them immediately to the website authorities and stop any contact with them.

Most important to avoid being scammed for your hard earned money, just stay away from any date that asks you to send her money. Above all - listen to your common sense when using online dating website, and under no circumstances should you send money to anyone.
Yana Antonova (specially for

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