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There are many honest people seeking romance on these Internet dating sites. It's a wonderful way to meet interesting people from all over the world. Unfortunately, it's also a place to meet some unscrupulous people who are out to scam the honest ones - and it's those people that you are using caution to protect against. When you first make contact with someone you have no way of knowing if they are out for your heart, or your identity. By using a little common sense, being a little mysterious, and keeping your personal information to a minimum you can usually weed out the pretenders and find genuine people who, like you, are looking for some online romance.

Having emailed back and forth, and possibly chatted online, the next step is a phone call to your online friend, (you call them - this is also a good way of verifying some of their personal information) and after that, arrange a face-to-face meeting. Make arrangements to meet in a public place and don't leave that area on the first date. If your instincts say that this isn't such a good idea, cancel it! If you're just feeling a little nervous, take someone with you until you're happy to be left on your own with your date. If you can't get someone to physically accompany you, have someone call you about 15 minutes into the date - and then about an hour or so later - so that if you're looking for an escape you can make an excuse to leave based on the phone call, but if all's going well you can just say where you are and that you'll call them later.


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