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Yana Antonova (special for
Since the FSU countries have opened borders for free entry of foreign tourists, every year more and more men from Europe, America and Australia come here to meet our Slavic women. So, the questions are why do men from all over the world like Russian women so much, which are the main reasons that inspire foreign men to overcome the obstacles and get over the thousands miles to meet and conquer Russian womens hearts? The answer is simple thats all because Russian women virtually combine devotion to family traditions and values, personal career ambitions and also good looks and sex appeal. This quality combination makes Russian woman an ideal match for family oriented men. They know how to take good care of themselves and their men and kids, how to keep the house cozy and how to make her man feeling as a most important person in her life. Family is a priority for the Russian woman, and the Russian lady is good at house keeping. The Russian woman is ready to compromise, she easily combines femininity and sense of dignity. It's important to emphasise that in this part of the world, a strong believe has been formed for years that a woman can't be happy without her own family, she nneds to be married and have children in order to complete her main mission in nlife. That's why those women who achieved considerable success in their career, mostly felt defective if they did not have a family.

Now our women have more chances to find happiness, because they can do their search not only in motherland but also outside of it. Nowadays a great number of international dating sites introduce Russian ladies looking for men from western countries.

These sites also give an excellent opportunity to foreign men who want to find real russian brides, and settle down for a nice and friendly family.

Most Russian women who join international dating sites are serious-minded women who intend to create strong relations, who are ready to learn new language and adjust to a new environment in another country. All women want to have a good family, a reliable husband and nice children, and they also join online dating community to do their active search. If your desire is to create family with a Russian woman, keep in mind reasonable age difference, relay not only on your visual impression but also study their personal descriptions carefully in order to find the one who can complete your life and become your devoted life partner in the future.

No matter how many times a man marries, he marries women of the same warehouse. No matter how many times a woman marries, she will certainly come across men of the same type.

The rich will love the poor, the scientist will love the stupid, the ruddy-pale, and the good will fall in love with the harmful. According to this everyday logic, one can judge potential partners who form family unions. Inferences based on antithesis lead us to the idea that our life is like an inn: some come, others leave. Once the Almighty created several types of women and he condemned each to the search for happiness.

He endowed the first (a woman - a philosopher) with colossal efficiency, chastity and impeccable logic, developed the ability to feel trees, enjoy the scent of fragrant flowers, the free flight of birds, the vision of shining palaces under the eternal firmament and be happy being content with little. This is reflected in creativity. The desire to find the relationship between objects and phenomena contributed to the development of the ability to understand people, which played a positive role in building relationships with a strong half of humanity. For this, the Lord condemned her to an eternal search for her "I".

The Lord deprived the second woman (woman - practice) of spiritual beauty, good looks, deprived of coquetry and refined manners. He compensated for this by endowing her with a clear mind, business acumen and practicality, gave her a measure of arrogance in order to withstand life's difficulties and learn to survive among people who have long become strangers in their flock. Loneliness is hardly destined for such a woman. A man will say about her: "With her, I'm like behind a stone wall." This type of people starts life stupid, but experience makes them smart, so that one day they understand: love is a big habit, and nothing else. The Lord endowed the third woman (a beautiful woman) with good external data, the ability to be capricious and grimace, the love of ardent admirers and jealous rivals, realizing that her strength lies in female weakness. But, unfortunately, he gave the body only shape and did not breathe spiritual warmth into the physical beauty, which is like a precious stone that only dazzles and amazes with its magnificence. Returning to the previous analogy, we can outline the potential partners of each of the three women: the first is destined to live with the harmful and stupid, since she is good and smart; the second will connect its fate without fail with ruddy and "golden", as it is itself simple and nondescript; the third will go to the good and the rich.

Truths that relate to the institution of love and marriage, in my opinion, do not find confirmation in life. It even becomes embarrassing for those who nevertheless believe that in family unions, partners should complement each other. Time puts everything in its place with examples proving that the most lasting marriages are still those that are built on this principle: intelligence to intellect, temperament to temperament, sexuality to sexuality.
Yana Antonova (special for

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