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Yana Antonova (specially for
It is not a secret that national character and mentality peculiarities do make strong influence on personal character, lifestyle and life position. For any woman from eastern european country striving to have her own family, be a caring and loving wife and tender mother is very normal. Even since the childhood and romantic teenage years have been in the past still every young woman is in search of her prince, her knight in shining armour.

It's necessary to say that it's not so hard to find a boyfriend in Russia, but it's much more difficult to make him become a husband. This problem is especially crutial for young women in their 30-ies. Unlike the European or American women of the same age, who mostly build up their career, study or travel much, russian or ukrainian women are more preoccupied with the question why do they still stay alone. It even becomes a kind of obsession for many of them, leading to depression or feeling of being unlucky in personal life. Their maternal insinct reminds persistently about the main life purpose of every woman. Most of women by their 30ies, want to have a child, also they want stability that marriage can give, but rather often men here prefer to live together but have no mutual duties and no desire to have official marriage.

These typical or better to say classical female qualities make russian women extremely attractive for men from western Europe or America where most women are rather feministic, and too much independent. So dating Russian brides attracts more and more men from different corners of the world, and majority of foreign men who search for family happiness agree that it is easier to build relations with Russian women. Saying about the person who is as beautiful outside as inside is very true in regard of Russian and Ukrainian women. So, good men, its really worth to date Russian ladies and fall in love with them. They are your best choice in search of happiness. Russian wife can make any man happy; she can fill every day of his life with joy and turn their home into the realm of unselfish love.

Yana Antonova (specially for

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