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First things first: When should you meet your online date in person?

First of all you have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable chatting with them online. Chatting online is not exactly the easiest way to get to know somebody, but it can give you a good initial idea about the person. What do you like and admire about them? Do you find them interesting and do you think they are interested in you. There are many questions you can ask yourself, but the best way is to go with your gut feeling. You cannot know exactly what life has in store for you, but you can create the opportunity to meet someone that has created or revived some excitement within you.

Choosing the right place to meet:

There is no doubt in saying that the first time meeting should be in a public place, in this way both parties can feel safe. A fun activity date with a good balance of face-to-face time is always a good idea, for example, a game of tenpin bowling and a cup of coffee afterward. The first date should also not be too long. Maybe under two hours, this gives a good time to get to know each other and it is also not too long if it turns out that there is no chemistry between the two of you.

Always take safety measures

Always make your own transport arrangements. Even though you have got to know each other online, they are still a stranger and therefore you should always make your own arrangements when meeting them in person. Always let your family or a friend know about the plans you have made. Make sure that you have air time for your cell phone or some extra money to make use of a pay phone. It is also a very good idea to always use good reputable online dating sites, where you can contact the administrators of the site if need be. One site that I have found to be a great online dating site is

Dressing up!

Yes you guessed it Please do not overdress on the first date. Yes we know that you want to look good but you also do not want to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself and your date. Wear something that shows the real you. Do not decide to break out your best suit or dress for your first date with a total stranger. For the girls, a bit of simple makeup, a touch of jewelry and a classy perfume is good. For the guys, always be well groomed and a good cologne will do the trick nicely.

What to expect

Face-to-face meetings can be very different to online chatting. Your date might be shy in person which is not the case online or they might have habits that drive you crazy. You cannot control the outcome of the first date so always have minimal expectations of the date and a great attitude. But most of all Just be yourself Have FUN.

Aprisa Marketing

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