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Surely, it would be great if there could be a definite answer to this question, but unfortunately, different girls favour different kinds of guys. Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes the more you are like your partner, the better chance is. So, what kind of men do girls like to date? When not thinking of a long term relationship, women prefer guys they can have fun with, macho type or bad boy type. Also there are women who prefer to date guys they can easily bond with, this is a "true friend" type of men, he is always there when you need him and he understands what you feel.

But also there are women who get into a relationship dreaming that it will end up in marriage. These girls choose men who are more sensitive and caring, supportive, and loving. Also weel educated and well settled men are always much in demand, and are being considered as prospective grooms. Anyway, whatever be the kind of men favoured by a particular category of women, genuine, nice and understanding, non-pretencious guys will always find their share of female admirers. So, men, do your your best to be like this if you seek a lasting and strong connection.

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