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Yana Antonova (specially for
Are you and your loved one separated by distance now? The best way to build a burning long distance connection is to continue communicating via voice, video chat or text. It might definitely be hard keep love and relationship, but still there are good ideas which can be helpful in this situation. Here you can find some of them:

- be patient and take time getting to know each other better and better

- share your dreams and plans for future

- send short text messages during the day

- use an internet phone service to hear each other's voice

- have "dates" with each other, where you use a webcam to share time

- send your new photos to your beloved often

- write a romantic letter to say about your feelings

- make your beloved pleasantly surprised by sending him/her an e-card or a post card

- enjoy the process of getting to know each other

- be creative with the ways you can interact

- keep positive thinking and expect good from your future

And most important thing - remember that long distance relationship work and even help us become more tolerant and purposeful.

Yana Antonova (specially for

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