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Although a few years ago many people would have scoffed at the idea of online dating, these days it's become an accepted and often used alternative way to know new people.

If you choose wisely and stay safe, you can avoid having any bad stories and turn Internet dating into a rewarding and positive experience. First of all you have to decide for yourself what sort of relationship are you interested in - casual, friendly dates or long term and even possible marriage? Also decide for yourself -w hat kind of person you want to meet, establish such important factors as partners age, education, religion, race, location. This will help yo make your search more concrete and narrow.

When creating your personal profile, give detailed description of yourself, try to avoid standard phrases, be honest in submitting your information, especially marital status, age, purposes. When submitting info, make grammer and spelling chack, this will also play an important role.

While you want potential matches to learn about you, don't reveal any personal information that you wouldn't feel comfortable with someone knowing, including your address, phone number, and possibly your full name. Be wary of potentially fake profiles on free dating sites. Use free email account for contacts on dating sites. If you ever feel

uncomortable while comunicating with new people, fell pressure or have suspicion about the intentions, better stop communication with this person. You still will have many other to talk to, with whom you will feel much more at ease. Follow common sense tactics to keep yourself safe and you will have nothing to worry about.One should be very lucky to find a perfect match on the first try. If it doesn't work out, just learn from your experience, and return to your computer to try it again!

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