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Y. Antonova for
If youve spent some time on a dating site you might have noticed that you tend to view and save to your favorites the profiles that have a photo. As everyone understands that there's no use having the best written profile but yet no one views your profile if it has no photo.

So if you are interested to increase visits to your online dating profile, you should upload a good picture of yourself, but not of the kind of those grey and dim photos taken with webcams. Most people have a good quality digital camera and therefore it is not difficult to take a simple photo of yourself with a plane background. The photo should be taken close-up and at a distance. Now that you have a good picture of yourself, you can improve your chances with a good written and detailed profile. There is one piece of advice we can give you on your profile just be yourself. Please do not try to out class the next person. Just provide a simple profile about you. Then go ahead, read profiles of those who might be of interest for you and start your communication by showing interest or adding to favorites those ads you like most of all.

Dont waste any time and best of luck to you!

Y. Antonova for

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