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How do I know it is a dating scam?

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The scammer will ask for your money!

This will not happen immediately . However, before long the dating scammer will ask for financial help for any number of reasons. Almost always, they will ask you to send money using an untraceable source such as a telegraphic money transfer. Some of the most common reasons they give for why they need your help include:

1 I want to meet you but I don't have enough money to travel to see you ;

2 I have been robbed and beaten, I require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness or me or my family member has been a victim of a serious or fatal accident and you are the only person who can help ;

3 I am stranded abroad and I don't have money for travel or visa costs.

4 Your new Russian date looks like a model - this is probably because the Russian dating scammer has used a stolen or a magazine picture;

5 Your new Russian date only gives you a post office address and/or a phone number which he or she never answers and which does not have voicemail ;

6 Your date talks a lot about herself or himself and does not answer your questions - probably because the Russian dating scammer are sending standard (formal) emails to hundreds of people.

Scammers often ask for your email address right away, or give you theirs. They want to communicate off site as soon as possible. Beware they may be building email lists.

The member is from Africa (especially West Africa: Nigeria (Lagos), Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire). There are large banks of computers with people paid to sit at the computer all day and scam innocent hard working people. We don't allow users from these countries to our membership area, but sometimes they slip through registration.

Scammers wants you to leave the site to use personal email or IM because it's so much easier may actually state they will not accept responses through this dating site. But in building new connection it's strongly recommended to keep correspondence via website mail, don't give our your personal information and direct mail too fast, in order to be safe.

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