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It is extremely important that people have a good first impression of you. We know that first impressions really count, because they are going to affect the way the other person sees you for the rest of your relationship. How do you make a good impression? There is one way which always works. You might need a little practice, but if you follow this advice, you will make excellent first impressions:

Dress attractively but comfortably. Don't wear clothes that make you feel stiff or self-conscious.

Be aware of your posture - it speaks volumes about you. You want to appear alert and confident by sitting up straight.

Have a smile on your face. Give the person you are meeting a big smile. Everybody loves a person who is happy to see them.

Compliment your date. Don't just say 'I like your shirt.' Be sincere and notice something that he or she took time with.

Learn to flirt and try it out. Don't overdo it, though.

Realize that you don't have to tell people how great you are. It's better to show them step by step.

Be interested and interesting. Listen actively to what your date says. Ask questions and don't interrupt.

Enjoy yourself, no matter what. If you're easygoing and fun to be around and if you can roll with whatever comes your way, you can't help but make a great impression.

Thank the other person for the date - always, without exception. Good manners will get you far.

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