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Attracting a man is one thing. Keeping him is another.

A lot of girls who mean well often fall into the trap of becoming the type of girlfriend that men dread. But what do men really want? How do we avoid losing them to another girl, basketball, a bottle of beer, or well, computer games?

Be the ideal girlfriend. While you think there's no such thing, you can actually be one by following these simple but effective tips on how to be his ideal girlfriend:

Don't be too clingy and needy. Otherwise, you will tire him out. Relax and let your relationship flow smoothly. There is no need to hold him so tightly, especially if you are both assured of your love for each other. Allow him some breathing space.

Do your part in making the relationship work. Do not expect your man to do all the work. Learn to exert effort.

Let him have his "ME" time. Allow him to enjoy some time with his buddies. Whether it's basketball, football, or golf, let him play his favorite sport with his friends or teammates. Similarly, learn to have your "ME" time, as well. Go out with your girl friends and go shopping. Learn a new sport or a new hobby. Remember that it's okay to be apart sometimes. While you are a couple, remember that you still have lives outside your relationship, and it is important that you life your lives as individuals to the fullest. Respect your individual spaces. Otherwise, you won't be able to stay happy in your relationship.

Don't be too high maintenance. Yes, you may be his princess, but he is not your slave. Do not require treatment fit for a queen. Learn to appreciate what he has to offer, however little or simple.

Keep your communication lines wide open. Share your thoughts and your feelings both positive and negative. Listen to what he has to say.

Try to be reasonable at all times. Listen to explanations and be open-minded. At the same time, avoid overreacting on simple matters. If you can settle an argument in a discreet and private manner, do so. Avoid involving people who are not really part of your problem.

Know when to say thank you and I'm sorry. More importantly, say I love you and mean it.

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