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Amber Soletti
- The Real Story of Dating in NYC -

I will deem this the year of "recycling"literally - in that I ended up "re-seeing" guys I dated from the previous year that somehow fell of the face of the earth only to magically reappear again. The model, the fireman, the dentist, the musician, the director, the real estate broker, they would all resurface only to eventually disappear again. In totality went out with 20 different guys this year.

Dating highlights, or to be more accurate shall I say low-lights would include seeing two really hot fireman at the same time, which was really pimp until I came to realize that they both worked at the same firehouse. Needless to say that didn't work out, although I was able to salvage the original fireman who I still see and you may have seen featured as the month of June in this year's FDNY calendar.

Went out with a guy recently that seemingly had "boyfriend potential". Average looks, average height, had an above average appreciation of his below-average sense of humor. His name was Joe and he was a trader at Goldman Sachs. Trader Joe impressively was a Mensa, however on our third date, I came to the somewhat harsh realization that like PETA, I too do not do fur!

Went out with Conner, who was HOT, well dressed, articulate, well traveled, wealthy and so clearly unaware that he was totally gay. Along those same lines there was model Kirk, who disturbingly had a bigger affinity for "the Rabbit" then me.

Carlos, a real estate broker who after our first date ended up going on some major alcohol/cocaine binge causing him to vanish for two weeks only to resurface via a phone call in which he wanted to share with me a recap of his coked out binge as if I was still interested.

Curtis, a wall-street guy who thinks gays are "immoral". He not surprisingly was also a big Bush supporter, can't say I was a fan of Curtis, although he did help me coin the phrase, "sometimes you gotta choose your Bush".

There was Andrew, who chose to refer to him or shall I say his "member" in the third person. Actor/model Todd, who when I asked him if he voted responded to me by saying that, "yeah, he loves his job because he" Also worth mentioning was my date with Anson Mount from the TV show Convicted. You may know him from Britney Spears Crossroads fame, long-story short, it didn't work out, however it does rank as my most "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" experience in NYC to date.

Needless to say this past year was pretty much a bust and I'm now focused on re-inventing the NYC dating scene that I and the majority of single women in the city have come to loathe!

Amber Soletti, still single is now co-owner of two of NYC's hottest Singles Events companies, Single And The City and On Speed Dating. Single And The City and On Speed Dating cater to NY's "straight" & gay singles of all ages, backgrounds, interests and even fetishes. Register today to guarantee a spot at one of her many "cleverly themed" and super sexy singles parties and speed dating events. You can visit her sites at and to register for an upcoming singles event today.
Amber Soletti

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