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By Hilal Sabur
Learn How To Easily Attract And Seduce Women - The key to attracting and seducing women has nothing to do with what is physical and material, it is all psychological. Making a woman fall in love with you has nothing to do with how you look, how much you weigh, your age, or even your financial status. It may not even be what you are doing, but it may be how you are doing it.

Over the past 20 years, women have gained the power of sexual selection due to their significant increase in annual incomes, which resulted in their decrease on male figure reliance. However, the money is not what actually caused this shift. Attraction and seduction is more of a science than an art form or a situation of circumstance.

You must first understand the psyche of women in order to be that alpha male that they all desire. Even though women differ from each other, they generally have the same mental make-up. Once you understand that this mental make-up is built off emotions, you will be able to easily manipulate these emotions in your favor, and have any woman you want.

As human beings, we all have two parts to our brains. We all have a left side, which is the logical or conscious part of our brain, and we have the right side, which is the emotional or subconscious part of our brain.

Women have been designed to follow the right side of their brains, or think emotionally for the most part. Men are of the opposite. I like to address it as women think more with their hearts, and men think more with their heads, only a man has one of two heads he may be thinking with.

Now women can think with the left side of their brains, which is why they have started relying less on men. However, intimately they normally go back to right thinking. Why do you think you hear a lot of women saying things like, I always fall for the same assholes!?

I am not saying you will become an arrogant bastard when you gain a better understanding of women, but you will stand on common grounds with the guys who get all the girls, and without physically changing anything.

A major medium you must be able to perform and understand is body language. Body language is big when conversing with women because most women are already aware that they have the power to control the pace of your interactions with them. When you are able to speak without words and manipulate with your hands and your eyes, even the most gorgeous woman in the room is no match for you.

Paying closer attention to women is the fastest way to learn and understand them. Women love to talk about themselves anyway, so listen more attentively to what they are saying. Watch their moves closer, watch their eyes, watch in which direction they cross their legs when they sit, pay more attention to how they touch you and how they respond when you touch them.

Once you get into the rhythm of women, it will be easier for you to get them to bounce to your beat.
By Hilal Sabur

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