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Scott Patterson
5 Bad First Date Ideas If You Don't Want a Relationship

So you've finally asked that cute girl out...and she accepted! Now you've got to decide where to take her.

First dates are a great chance to get to know a woman, and in your mind, that's all this outing's going to be. You don't know if this will evolve into something long term, and in fact, you haven't even thought about it. But if she's like most women, odds are she's thought about it plenty.

It's rare that a woman meets a guy and doesn't wonder what the future holds. While this sort of female reaction is inevitable, there are a few things you can do to keep her grounded.

The following are 5 first-date ideas that are sure to get her browsing the David's Bridal Web site.

Romantic Comedies

A lot of first dates take place at a movie theater. There's minimal pressure to talk, the atmosphere is dark and cozy, and the story feeds the conversation afterwards. In reality, the movies can be a bad date idea if you choose the wrong film.

Romantic comedies are called "chick flicks" for good reason- they feed the need for drama that's innate in all females. While they may seem innocent enough for a first date, they're not. Think of it this way: All of the mushy dialogue and on-screen kisses are subliminal messages to your date.

Her Place

Going to her place is the epitome of a bad first date. You're putting all of the control in her hands. That's when she starts cooking for you.

While some women won't admit it, cooking for and taking care of a guy comes natural to them. That's what they saw their mothers do for their fathers, and that's what they want to do with a guy they care about. By feeding into her domestic instincts, you're sending her the message that you're ready to settle down.


While it's uncommon to go to a wedding for a first date, it does happen. Even if it's not the first time you're taking her out, steer clear of bringing her to weddings for a couple of months or so. The sight of true love bring out the warm-fuzzies in a woman, and pretty soon, she'll be fantasizing about the day she marries you.


First dates are, by their very nature, awkward. Romantic strolls are even more awkward. There's nothing to fill in the odd conversational gaps, or if you two do manage to hit it off, she'll likely think she's found her soul mate. Wait for the third of fourth date before you two discover the great outdoors together.

Meeting Friends

The instant you meet her friends, you've become more than just a guy she's dating. In essence, you've become her boyfriend. The same holds true for introducing her to your social circle, so hold off on this one.

First dates are designed to better acquaint two people, but when you let others in on the deal, you're suddenly subjected to their critiques too. Her friends may not approve of you, in which case, she'll probably heed their advice. On the other hand, they could really like you, thereby having high expectations of your relationship with her.

Final Thoughts

The more intimate the environment, the more you'll feed her thoughts of a relationship. A first date should allow for two people to get to know one another, and nothing more. With that said, if the occasion is high on romance, squash the idea.
Scott Patterson

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