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Carolyn Anderson
Dating has always been something that men and women always look forward to. Whether it is the first time or the nth time, we always have that thrill about getting to know someone who could be a perfect match, and of course, we always want dates to end exciting as well. Although it is not always the case, you can still have a great time if you will prepare for it well. Who knows you might end up finding a new friend instead. Below are some tips in dating that you might find helpful

Be Prepared.

First impressions are made in dating, so it is always a wise thing to prepare. Put some effort to look your best, treat yourself with a new haircut or some other basics of good grooming. Looking good can also give you a boost of confidence on your date.

Aside from looking your best, also prepare your mind. If you go dating, you are somehow hopeful that it will not be the first and the last, but there are always chances of rejection, so you might also want to prepare yourself for that.

It is important also to be punctual. Arriving late may not only give a bad impression, and your date might think she has been stood up.

Be a Gentleman.

Even though times have changed, women still love a gentleman. Show respect and courtesy, opening the door for her, instead of rushing ahead of her. Women like to be complimented, so you may want to start the conversation with a compliment, but remember to not go overboard.

Be a Good Listener.

Knowing how to listen to your date is one of the important tips in dating. Open a conversation by asking questions rather than bringing up a topic that might not be of interest to the person. It is better to set the ball rolling by letting your date talk and you listening than bringing up a topic that might be a conversation ender.

Remember always that even though dating is sharing and getting to know each other, there are topics that are inappropriate for first dates. Never talk about past relationships, or topics that are sensitive in nature like religion and crimes, and be cautious about racist comments. If you are serious about making a fun and exciting date, learn the basics of handling conversations in a date. Know the topics that should be avoided and learn to keep the conversations going.

Be attentive. Stay focused.

Be attentive and focused to who you are with. It can be annoying to have a date with someone who keeps on talking to the phone. You can put your mobile phone in silent mode or you can turn it off during the date.

Be Patient.

If you are not successful in your recent date, you may want to give a time off before the next date, but do not give up. If you are really hoping to find the right person for you, patience can pay off, and of course take time to learn some important tips in dating that might help you in making the next date a better one.
Carolyn Anderson

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