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Christmas in eastern Europe

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Christmas in Eastern Europe is an important holiday that is celebrated according to the religious calendar observed in each country. Some countries celebrate Christmas on December 25 , the Orthodox countries observe Christmas on January 7. This is a result of Eastern Orthodox churches marking Christmas Day based on the Julian calendar, which is now 13 days behind the internationally used Gregorian calendar. As you see the Orthodox Christmas falls after the Western Christmas, this means if you plan things well and visit one of the countires listed below, you can have two festive highlights to your year!

January 7th is celebrated as Christmas day in the following European countries : Armenia, Georgia, Belorus, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Cyprus (partially). Many families will go to a midnight mass on Christmas Eve and often another on Christmas Day. It is common for Christmas presents to be placed under the tree, to suggest that the Angel leaves them there while others are attending midnight mass. Presents are opened after the mass. Christmas is a day of celebrating with family. This is a big and holy day, when people congratulate each other.

If you have your firends or acquaintances living in this part of the world, send them your wishes and congratulations as well as a sign of your friendship and devotion.

Have a wonderful weekend and be always Happy!

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