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2013 Feng Shui Good Luck Tips

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Rodika Tchi
While we usually think of feng shui as mostly being applied to homes or offices, it is good to know that it has many more uses. Not only can you apply feng shui in your garden, your car or your office desk, you can also use feng shui to strengthen your personal energy with various feng shui good luck charms.

Your date of birth is the starting point for all feng shui calculations, be it your personal birth element, your Kua number, your lucky directions and, of course, your Chinese zodiac sign.

We will approach the Chinese zodiac sign predictions with the same healthy approach we have towards feng shui - we know that everything is energy as it continuously flows and gets expressed in various forms and in various cultures.

The story of how the Chinese zodiac signs came into being is sweet, but as with all stories, there are layers of deeper meaning behind it. Ultimately, the Chinese zodiac signs are specific archetypes as expressed in character and personality traits.

Let's look at easy feng shui cures for each Chinese zodiac sign in 2013, the year of the Water Snake.

Is your Chinese zodiac sign compatible with the shrewd Snake? And not just the Snake, but the Water Snake? Will the energy flow easy for you in 2013 or do you need some help and protection along the way?

If you know your Chinese zodiac sign & element, let's proceed!

RAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: In the year of the Water Snake, the Rat can still do well. You will need some feng shui cures if your birth element is weaker than (or conflicts with) the Water feng shui element.

OX Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: The Ox and the Snake, as you can expect, might come into some power struggles this year. Explore feng shui charms and cures to calm the energy between the Snake and the Ox and take good care of your health.

TIGER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: The Tiger and the Snake are rarely on good, friendly terms; which means the energy of the year dominated by the Snake sign can be slightly challenging for people born in the year of Tiger.

RABBIT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: A good energy compatibility exists between the Snake and the Rabbit (probably because this zodiac sign will never think of competing with, or challenging the Snake!); but be sure your birth element is compatible, too.

DRAGON Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: The relationship between the Dragon and the Snake can be a challenging one, so be sure to read our recommendations and implement the cures that feel right to you. Be sure to also check the feng shui element compatibility.

SNAKE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: A good year is predicted for people born in the year of the Snake, especially favourable for Water and Metal Snake people. Explore the feng shui good luck charms you might need if your element is not compatible with the Water feng shui element of the 2013 Snake year.

HORSE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: Depending on the feng shui element of your Horse year, there might be good wealth and career opportunities to explore for you in 2013, the Water Snake year. Personal relationships can be challenging.

GOAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: A slightly difficult year is in store for people born in the Goat year. See which feng shui cures can help you achieve the most in the year of the Water Snake, as based on your feng shui element.

MONKEY Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: Monkey energy people should do great in 2013, with plenty of amazing opportunities coming their way. This applies especially to Metal, Water and Earth feng shui element Monkey signs.

ROOSTER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: Taking care of health might be a priority for Rooster sign people, while enjoying a relatively smooth year. Metal and Water element Roosters should do very well.

DOG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: This will be a much better year for Dog energy people, who had to endure quiet a bit last year. Explore feng shui charms and cures to help you make the best of this improvement.

PIG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2013: A successful year is in store for Pig energy people. Staying calm and taking care of harmony in all relationships will make it even better. Do not forget to look into some helpful feng shui charms for your sign this year.

To conclude, remember that the Snake has a very shrewd, smart, even cunning/sly energy. By attuning yourself with the beneficial aspects of this energy instead of the negative one, you can enjoy a good and productive 2013 - the Water Snake year.

Water is the element that can soothe all your senses with a gentle flow in a clear, fresh meadow brook; but Water can also destroy with the majestic wrath of tsunamis. Stay respectful and humble this year, relax as often as you can, and pay attention to the seen, as well as the unseen energies.

And always, always - no matter what is happening in your life - do your best to generate kindness.

Have a beautiful 2013!
Rodika Tchi

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