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Translation Agency Scams

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Translation Agency Scams involve a fake or false translation agency company that claims to be involved in translating the letters of Russian and Ukrainian women who are more or less fake women. This type of scam is a common one in Russia and Ukraine and can occur on free sites and paid ones as well. The pictures used are many times stolen pictures of women from the country of Russia or Ukraine or the pictures used are of a model.

Usually this scam works when one begins a correspondence with one of these fake ladies. For a time the correspondence may appear to be free especially when the correspondence is taking place away from the dating site where one found the fake lady that one is now corresponding with. However, one day one receives a letter that states that this fake lady is running out of money and she needs one to help her with translation services from her "translation company" and so she asks for help.

Eventually the fake translation company will stop communication between you and the lady claiming that the lady has no more money in her account for their translation services. In these scams, the fake lady may send you a price list of the services that the fake translation company offers that she "claims" that she has to pay for or the fake translation agency instead of using the "lady" as a cover will be the one directly sending you the price list of their "services" themselves.

The price list is meant to tell you how much you (and not the lady) will have to pay for correspondence. Sometimes, this fake translation company in order to motivate one to send money may even send one a notification that the lady is crying because she cannot correspond and that she needs help or that she is coming in everyday to see if there is any word from you or another way they attempt to motivate one to send money is by sending one naked pictures which are usually the pictures of a model or some other woman's pictures that they have stolen.

Some fake translation companies even have fake gift and flower delivery services and can even send one a fake bill if one sends money for these fake additional services that the fake translation company claims to have. This really is a deceitful scam and one to especially watch out for.

It's time of digital world now, there are numerous online and totally free tranlators, which can be helpful to any one really willing to communicate in the language they don't know. No need of any so called translation companies which do private correspondence between a man and a woman. Keep away from those who say they want to keep correspondence but don't have internet access at home ( those who really don't - never come to join online dating services).

Keep this information in mind and avoid con artists who pretend to be interested in online dating.

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