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by Mike Browning

For all you ladies out there looking for love on this or any other dating site....

Please be very careful about giving personal information to strangers. There are many male profiles posted on dating sites that are totally false. In particular, be VERY careful if a male claims to be from the UK. Nigerian scammers are using pictures of white males and claiming to live in the UK. These low-lifes will try to court you with their charm. If they ask to chat with you on any messenger service but they claim not to have a camera, ignore them. Block them. Have no dealings what so ever with them. Ask them about the weather in Lagos and they will probably go away.Never EVER accept any packages from them, especially if they say they are sending you money orders. One of their tricks is to get you to cash these forged documents, keep a little for yourself for your efforts and then wire the rest to a relative of theirs. By the time the bank catches up with these forged money orders, YOU will be responsible for the full amount.

Another scam they are running is one where they tell you they want to purchase some property or a home in your country. They say they will send you a large amount of money if you will give them your bank account number. DO NOT DO THIS!

Also do not accept any charges for packages being delivered by a Malaysian company. That is also a scam. They promise a laptop and you get a call from the shipping company or customs telling you they discovered a large amount of money hidden in the package and that you will need to wire money to them for them to release it to you. If you get a call from a Malaysian shipping company saying they found money in the laptop package, tell them to keep the money and send the laptop.

Also be very wary of any claims by people needing a nanny.

Please be very careful. If you have any questions or have been contacted by someone you are suspicious about, drop me a line. And if there's is a little voice inside your head telling you things don't seem right, listen to it.

I will start a data base of names to be aware of.

steven ford,thomasanderson,brian kelvy,danny alba

johnspark56, Age 50 Malaysia

mahmud hassan, sandra whitefield and royal delivery services


louis baker

Max Samuel ( from UK)

Francis William




Jonathan Kelly

David Cole, UK.

Marek (Mark) Richards and Peter Cole of AITO Travels.



kelly chris

David Osborne , Uk , Desmond Benson Uk

collins Vincent Uk

"Brian Daniel"
Joe Gordons"
Smith Davies"
Dip. Famous Joepard"

Harry Thomas White

Mikell Bananas <>

Cole or Coleman


Greg Hendrix

richard merck

David Johnson from Scotland email

Mark christain from UK email

Vincent Richard from Malaysia email

Zack Agustin


Richard from Malaysia email

charles smith , james adam , kevin frank


William Richard, william787 on DIA

mikell banabas, james roland, presly adam, neo jones. cole,

donjay on DIA

alexander duress from aberdeen city of scotland UK


Raymond bradley cole

james hasley

franklin samson




William Pike and Bill_Howard 1243,

Mikell Bananas <>

George tyson

Jimmy Brown

Johnson Austin

Steven Lawman

Steven Hudso
by Mike Browning

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