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We would like to welcome all of the new members. We have hit yet another 100 new members this week. View the thumbs photos below and click to read the complete information if you are interested. These female members are all recently active and have matched your desired criteria. Why not show interest or send them a message? These beauties are just a click away!

Have you thought like this: * what does it mean the right woman (for me)? The right woman is the woman who makes me happy (more than everybody else). Who gives me the feeling that I dont want to miss her anymore in my live even more, with whom I want to share the rest of my life. With whom I can imagine us sitting even with 80 years on a park bench next to each other. I need a woman who shares much of my preferences, a woman with whom I can and I want to talk about everything. A woman I want to love because I think she deserves it. *

You can easily become our Privileged member, by getting a gold status. This account type allows any member to send unlimited e-mail to all members in our data base, send e-mail addresses, phone number, skype or other personal (off site) contact information in their messages, post in the forums and be highlighted in the Search and Gallery for a full membership term.

Stay tuned and happy!

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