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There are generally two categories of visas: immigration visas and nonimmigration visas. Visas are coded by a system of letters from A-V. With very few exceptions most women from the former Soviet Union, Latin America, China, etc. are only eligible to apply for nonimmigration visas. Examples of relevant nonimmigrantion visas are the tourist visa, the student visas, and fiancee visas (K1 Visas).

For most couples, fiancee visas (K1 Visas) are best. If properly applied for and processed fiancee visas (K1 Visas) have the highest success rate; near 100% for eligible ladies.

Tourist visa applications generally have a very low success rate. Tourist visas are possible if the lady can show that she has sufficient ties to return to her country, such as a child not traveling with her, substantial assets, prior experience traveling to first world countries, a good job, and money in a bank. Rejection rates exceed 95%.

Student visas applications have a higher success rate than tourist visas but have a must lower success rate than fiancee visas (K1 Visas). In addition, the student visa usually takes much longer because the lady must take an English test in her home country (TOEFL Test) and then apply for and gain admission to a U.S. university prior to applying for a student visa. She must also be able to prove that she has sufficient financial resources to pay for one year of tuition, fees, room & board, and all other related expenses at the time of the interview at the U.S. Embassy. Without proof of financial resources she will be denied even if all the above criteria are met. She has no better than a 50/50 chance of success in any case.

In short, fiancee visas (K1 Visas) provide the best combination of high success rate, short processing time, and simplicity.

What are the legal requirements for fiancee visas (K1 Visas)?

You must be a U.S. Citizen. (If not, you must marry the lady overseas and bring her into the U.S. as your wife. This is a very slow process.)

Both you and your fiancée must be legally able to marry.

You must have actually met your fiancée in the past two years, and can demonstrate the existence of a serious relationship between you.

You must demonstrate genuine intentions to marry your fiancée after she arrives in the U.S.

Your lady must possess an international passport (as opposed to an internal, domestic passport or ID) at the time of her interview at the U.S. Consulate

For K1 Visas details call European Connections at (770) 458-0909, 10-5PM, EST or email
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