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The Spring Holiday!

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For decades the spring holiday of March 8 brings a little romance to our everyday life. On this day men seek to join knightly traditions and to show what they can do for the sake of their ladylove they seem to be able to set the world alight, to serenade under the window of the beloved, to send flowers, to take on the world or to commit any other romantic folly. This spring day is inevitably associated with love, affection, and gallant deeds.

Nowadays waking up on March 8 every Ukrainian girl and woman anticipates something incredible. She preens her feathers, puts on a new dress, tidies her hair, and sets out in search of surprises and pleasingness which are not long in coming: a sea of flowers, compliments flowing like water, gallant words, declarations of love, and, surely, presents, presents, presents On this day a girl can get a luxurious bouquet or sweets from a totally unfamiliar man and give just a smile in return. March 8 is totally dedicated to the representatives of the fair sex family members, friends and colleagues congratulate women at home and in offices, pop star give concerts on city squares, theater groups give themed performances. The government does not stand back either: March 8 festivities space out for several days. For instance, this years International Womens Day will last 96 hours! Admit the time is quite enough to thoroughly think over presents and carefully prepare to surprise sweet ladies with the products of mens fantasy.

So, do not drag on thinkings and congratulate your girlfriend for the spring festival glorifying Her Majesty Woman!

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