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I still remember how I waited out those long sleepless nights for months all for one kiss,

how many times I replayed saved voicemails over and over again just to hear your voice again,

stalked my mailbox in hopes of getting a love letter from you

Even though you may be thousand miles away,

you are the first and last I thought every day and every night.

Sometimes, my eyes turned red from the sleepless nights,

cos I kept imagining the scene when I see you again,

I cant wait to be in your arms, yet Im anxious

I doubt whether we would stay the same after separating for such a long time.

Many people say true love couldnt be separated by distance.

Unless you had experienced long distance relationship,

you could hardly imagine the pain of emptiness and desperation of physical love.

How you wished to be in his arms, and feeling safe from the harm

How you wished you could crawl through the freaking computer screen and kiss him

Time difference is inevitable in a long distance relationship.

You start to looking at the clock and automatically calculating what time it is where he is.

Planning a Skype date always end in your time or my time?

Sometimes, you would stay up all night just to talk to each other,

and wishing you have the power to freeze the time so that you could spend more time with each other.

Whenever you go, you wish he was there to share your happiness and sadness.

But in reality, you could just tell yourself, wait a little longer it worths the wait.

So you keep the faith, and wait

Long distance relationship is sweet, yet bitter.

Joy of long distance love is sweet while both of you are trying not to give up.

Some love will grow stronger than the distance is in between, some love starts to fade away as time passes, especially when you guys are apart.

We lived at different time zone,

busying on reaching our own goals and meeting different people at different places.

Our love was like two parallel lines, waiting to cross again.

I dont remember when exactly we start to fall apart,

but I remember those nights at 4am, you were sleeping, Im crying

my world fell apart all of a sudden, your face, your voice, your smell starts to fade away

Tear after tear, mile after mile, I wished you were there to wipe away my tears.

So I started to kept yourself busy with things to do, hoping to get him off my mind.

But every time I paused, I still thought of you.

I thought our heart were still connected even we were miles and miles apart,

Until one or both sides of you stopped trying and gave up

Too tired, too stressed, too much tears


It hurts, so badly.

and we never saw each other again.

Out of sight, hard to get out of my mind. I missed you, our memories, us

PS: Don't lose your Love!

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