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There's no question that everyone on the site is looking to meet someone. So, there's none of the awkwardness and uncertainty you have in some social situations.

By reading people's profiles closely, you can quickly weed out people whose interests, age, values, religion or whatever else don't appeal to you. Ditto when posting your own profile: Describing yourself honestly and being clear about your values and interests makes it more likely that someone compatible will write to you.

Typically, a photo or even multiple photos will accompany a person's profile. The eyes truly are the windows of the soul, and being able to pair a face with the words in the profile definitely helps give you a clearer idea of the person you're writing to.

The initial anonymity of the Net empowers shy people to approach people and make moves that they never would in person.

You can meet people you would not otherwise meet because your social or business circles dont intersect, or because you dont frequent the same places.

Remember not to fall into window-shopper syndrome. When you do a search and find 800 possible matches, it's very easy to start collecting people in your favorites folder, then end up never writing to any of them. Be bold: When you see someone whom you think you'd like to meet, write to her immediately. All it takes is a few sentences, because they'll be able to read your online profile to get the bigger picture. And remember, not everyone you write to will write back, just as you probably won't respond to everyone who writes to you. As in the real world, your odds of meeting people improve the more you put yourself out there.

Be loved and happy always!

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