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How to Pursue Online Romance

In today's electronically connected world, more and more people are connecting via dating websites, chat rooms, and instant messaging. No one seems to have written the rule book on online romance etiquette, but here are some things to consider if you are taking the plunge.

There are hundreds of dating websites and millions of profiles to chose from, for every lifestyle and almost any country you can name.

Before you start, think about installing an instant messenger service on your computer. Many of global instant messaging services are usually free.

Decide if you want to look locally or globally for the online romantic connection. Think about whether you are interested in developing your romance into something permanent, and how far you are willing to go if you do.

Consider the type of person you are looking for, and where you may find them. Since you are going online looking for romance, chances are you may be looking across cultural boundaries for a certain type of person you wouldn't expect to find at a local grocery store or laundry.

Use "Ice breakers" or other services offered by the dating site if you see someone you are interested in, and once you are comfortable communicating with them anonymously at the website, you may want to give them your email and messenger contact details. If you are using these for other communications, set up a new account specifically for these romantic encounters.

Stay faithful, or at least honest with your "friend". You may get involved as a fling, hobby, or some other self gratification exercise, but as far as you are able to know, the person you are sharing online intimacy with is a real person with real feelings!

Stay loved and happy always!

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