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He was a great friend to my ex-boyfriend in high school. It was sad because my ex-boyfriend had died in a motorcycle accident. We reminisced about him and about our experiences in life in general.

We spent a lot of time together going to the park out to the movies, etc. One evening we decided to go out to eat at this nice restaurant of fine dinning.

A nice lady approached us and tried to take our order. We started with and were laughing, talking and making jokes. The young lady come back to take our order but opps - trips on her dress and surprise, surprise - out pop her breasts.

She was embarrassed and we were embarrassed for her. We tried cheering her up by assuring her that it was okay and those things happen She looked as though she was going to cry. We felt so bad and we wanted her to complete the order but she sent someone else.

The manager unaware of what happened, came by and asked us how our dinner was? My friend said: "great the food was just excellent and the wine was superb, thank you. I just wanted to say that this restaurant is the tops!"


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