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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is the grandest traditional festival with many legends, traditions, taboos and festival food. 2016 Lunar New Year will be on Feb. 8, 2016.

According to historical documents, on the day when Shun, who was one of ancient Chinas mythological emperors, came to the throne more than 4000 years ago, he led his ministers to worship heaven and earth. From then on, that day was regarded as the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This is the basic origin of Chinese New Year. China adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1911, so Chinese New Year was renamed the Spring Festival.

Many people clean their homes to welcome the Spring Festival. They put up the red posters with poetic verses on it to their doors, Chinese New Year pictures on their walls, and decorate their homes with red lanterns. It is also a time to reunite with relatives so many people visit their families at this time of the year.

The red posters with poetic verses on it were initially a type of amulet, but now it simply means good fortune and joy. Various Chinese New Year symbols express different meanings. The festival lanterns symbolize pursuing the bright and the beautiful. Let us suppose that they also mean Love and Happines by this!

Good luck in your soul-mate searching journey!

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