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As my girlfriends got married and had children, girl's night out, became girl's night in, meeting in each other's homes.

I was the last one to be single and truly sick and tired of their hopeless attempts at matchmaking. I said I was fine on my own and didn't need a man in my life.

One weekend, after too many glasses of wine, one of my friends said "Surely there must be something you need a man for.

Well of course I knew what they wanted me to say ( they've all got filthy minds!) but I wasn't going to say it, so I replied: "I really need a man to take my rubbish bins to the end of my drive once a week (about 100 yards) and that's all, then he can go home again.

I thought no more about it until a couple of weeks later when it was my birthday; I arrived home from work to find a Wheelie Bin parked in the middle of the drive. The gift tag read "PROBLEM SOLVED! LOVE FROM THE GIRLS"


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