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Russian women are very strange sometimes.So dont try to understand Russian women. Just accept them like they are.

How does a typical Russian girl look? She has blond hair. Usually blue or green eyes and light skin. Furthermore, she looks quite healthy. Here it is rare to meet women with excess weight. This is because Russian food is more natural. But in fact only a some of the Russian girls look like that. In reality a lot of them have dark, even black hair and hazel eyes. In some regions of the country you can even meet women with a special shape of eyes that have something in common with Japanese or Korean eyes. Of course they are not pure Russians but they speak Russian without any accent and they have Russian passports. That is so because Russia is a big country and there are many peoples living on its territory. This mixture of different peoples created modern Russian women with such interesting kinds of appearance.

Russian women adore shopping. No matter how much they earn they spend lots of money on clothes, shoes, bags etc. They all try to be stylish and really think a lot about the way they look. Who knows, maybe that is why they are considered to be nice looking abroad. Its not a good solution to a problem for them to buy a t-shirt of bigger size if they get some extra kilos. They will try to get to a good shape with the help of the gym, diets or something like that. Some foreigners coming to Russia say that girls here are always dressed like they are going clubbing. That is so because they try to be more elegant. And other foreigners say Russian girls dress not for men but for other women. Yeah, I think its true. Really women here pay a lot of attention to the way they look and maybe even more attention to the way other women look. This gives them a lot of information. For example, about good or bad taste, about life style, profession, age, maybe even psychological age, some features of character and lots of other things. And its ok when one woman asks a second woman, who she doesnt know, about the perfume she is wearing. It can be accepted as a kind of a compliment. Yes really strange thing and not very common but dont be surprised.

Another interesting feature of women here is their make up. Comparing with Western women Russians have much more cosmetics. If you are in Europe or in the USA you can meet lots of girls with no make up, here you will see very few of them. Some women dont leave home without cosmetics even if they are just going to the nearest shop.

Russian women like talking very much. They usually have lots of friends. That is why they just cant live without phone. In Russia its called sometimes sidet na telephone that can be translated to English to sit on the phone. That means to spend hours speaking on the phone. They meet each other very often to speak about their problems, to tell secrets, to discuss the latest events, to advise something or to get a piece of advice. Because they speak so often sometimes their talks come to gossip.

When they are in the hairdressing saloon they speak a lot too. There are even some jokes about their communicating with people there. Sometimes your hairdresser knows everything about you. I dont know why, but Russian women really tell secrets to people working with their hair. Sometimes the choice of a hairdresser depends not only on quality of her work but also on her communicating skills. Often you feel like you are not at a hairdressing saloon but at the psychologist.

Russian women are often good mothers and wives. Most of them can cook very well. Its usually clean in their houses. And they always need someone to take care of. Its very important to women here. If there is nobody to take care of there is no sense to do something only for yourself. That is how some of them think.

And dont forget. Russian women are very strong in some moments. There is a proverb here. A woman will stop a running horse and will come into a burning house. That shows how desperate they can be. That means that woman will do everything she can for those people she became attached to. But in spite of strength of Russian women they are always looking for men who are stronger than they are.

Russian women are unique because they are something between European and Asian type. They have taken some features from European women lately. For example they started driving cars and 5 years ago it was real exotic to see a driving woman in Russia. But they smoke and drink more now. Besides career plays a bigger role in their lives. So you see there are some good and bad sides. Anyway in most things Russian women are still the same.

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