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Being single at 35 can be tough for many people. Even though society has advanced, the notion of being alone can be hurtful to our egos. 35 is also around the age when many of us start thinking about families and nesting. If you are in your mid 30s and want to end the single cycle, there are ways you can do this.

Set Up A Profile

Online dating is a great way to break the single streak. The trick to meeting someone who shares your views at this age is to stay away from the sites that cater to young adults and college students. 35 is certainly not old, but its old enough for there to be a huge different between in life experiences from those only 10 years younger. Instead look for sites that have a good mix of ages, or sites that are dedicated to people who are in their 30s and over. This is going to give you better matches that are more likely to share your interests.

Be Realistic

Are you very picky about who you date? Have you come up with a huge list of attributes that someone must meet to be considered a viable match? This could be part of the reason you find yourself in a dating rut. You should instead find a few things that are absolutely important and remain open minded about the rest. You may think you prefer blond hair, but then meet a brunette who just blows you away. Its important to stay open minded. The dating patterns you had in your 20s wont work in to your 30s.

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