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Boundaries In Dating

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Creating boundaries and sticking to them while dating is important. Its also important to understand your dates boundaries as well. While it can be awkward to go over this, there are a few ways you can accomplish this without hurting or disappointing anyone.

Find Out Before The Date

If youve decided to use an online dating service, finding out about boundaries before the first date is easy. All you need to do is message back and forth and share your boundaries, and ask for them to return the favor. This way you know if sex is out, what other expectations and rules are in place, and if you even want to go on the date.

Avoid Certain Topics

On a first date you can prevent crossing boundaries by keeping the conversation neutral. Dont bring up politics or religion, or anything else that can cause heated debates. Its also a good idea to avoid talking about past relationships, as this can easily pass in to off limit areas. Not to mention talking about the ex can create an awkward situation for any date. Once you know this is going towards a relationship, these things can be brought up.


Many people want to delve in to sex on the first date, while others have rules about how long to wait. Either way, its really best not to broach this subject unless you know for certain the other person is open to this. If you havent discussed how they feel about sex and dating, just assume that sex for the first few dates is off limits. Its also not a good idea to even talk about it until youve had at least a few dates.

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