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Spring is a mix of nature, feelings and magic. Warmer temperatures may put you in the mood. And there is some indirect evidence that suggests people might slowly fall in love right around spring time! For ages, spring has been associated with joy, passion, and reawakening. Shakespeare said, "Sweet lovers love the spring." And we definitely agree to his words. Spring is the perfect time for marketers to target our emotions. You can't help but feel happy.

For decades the spring holiday of March 8th brings a little romance to everyday life for women from many european countries. On this day men seek to join knightly traditions and show what they can do for the sake of their ladylove they seem to be able to set the world alight, to serenade under the window of the beloved, to send flowers, to take on the world or to commit any other romantic folly. This spring day is inevitably associated with love, affection, and gallant deeds.

March 8th is totally dedicated to the representatives of the fair sex family members, friends and colleagues congratulate women at home and in offices.

So if you have a lovely girlfiend or penpal in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova or Russia, don't forget to send her your best wishes and nice words on this day - which is coming soon!

Be loved and happy always!

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