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Warm wishes from New-dating,.com
Want to see why many men are seeking Russian brides? Check out the female host's reaction in this video, and leave your comments below!

When looking into meeting foreign women, don't be fooled by the terms Russian "mail order bride", or "Russian bride".

These terms often carry a negative connotation, and except for the term "Russian bride", are not descriptive of these special, quality women from Russia, Ukraine, and eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

We will sometimes use the terms because many people are familiar with them and find these pages by searching for those phrases, but know the true situation.

More on that in a minute. But first, I want to ask you:

Have you been feeling like there must be more single women out there to choose from besides the women you see when you go out, many of whom have let themselves go?

Do you have a feeling that gnaws at your gut that there must be quality, intelligent ladies out there who take care of themselves and are in great shape, but everywhere you go, it seems there are nothing but the same average to overweight women with plenty of attitude, who think you are lucky if they give you the privilege of spending money on them?

Do you sometimes feel like you have to be Brad Pitt or Bill Gates to meet single women you are attracted to?

Have you been feeling as though there must be all of 11 or 12 women in your area that are attractive and in shape, and every guy in town is after them, giving them many choices, and you have almost no choices?

Are you new to the singles scene after a long relationship has ended, and stunned at the lack of choices, and how it has changed?

Have you been able to make a connection with quality women, but hear them say that they want to be "just friends" a little too often?

Are you tired of getting little interest from women you are attracted to because you are 8 or more years older than they are?

I know I have felt all of the above at one time or another.

Some of the above may sound harsh. Certainly, there are quality, intelligent women who take care of themselves in America and the west. But the statements above reflect the sad reality which many, many guys are experiencing more often than not.

The dating scene in America and the west in general has left many with the feeling that they must either settle for what they do not want, or be alone.

And let me be clear about something. When I talk about women being attractive and in shape, I am talking about things we all have control over if we choose, men included.

Well, I want to let you know that this is a big world, and you do have other choices.

In these pages, I'm going to introduce you to exactly where to find those better choices, what the Russian bride phenomenon is all about, and how to contact these lovely women and establish a relationship with them.

I want you to set aside any preconceived notions you may have about the possibility of finding a Russian bride. You'll discover that these women are real, and if you are someone with good intentions, they truly want to know you for the right reasons.

They care more about who you are than how fat your wallet is. And a much greater age difference is normal to them, in their culture.

Again, the term Russian "mail order bride" can be misleading, although we use it because many are familiar with it.

Russian, Ukrainian, and eastern European women are looking for a loving partner, just like women on any other online dating site. But they face a unique set of circumstances, which I will get into shortly.

Be assured, relationships with foreign brides can be as meaningful as any other, and I can say from experience that these are some of the most sincere, intelligent, and exceptional ladies I have ever known.

In these pages about Russian brides, I want to let you know some of the most important things I've discovered about this fascinating process in several years (and counting) of communicating with these lovely ladies, and researching this process.

I'll let you in on my favorite sources for meeting Russian women, along with some resources for writing and meeting the ladies that will make your life much easier.


When I first became interested in the possibility of finding a Russian mail order bride, I was aware of misconceptions, since I myself had some preconceived ideas that were wrong.

But it is still surprising that there is so much misinformation and misconception in the west about mail order brides.

Mention the idea to your friends or family, and you'll see what I mean...;-)

For some reason, it seems that many otherwise intelligent people are eager to assume that the negative myths are true about these ladies and their motivation.

And as I said, although I had an open mind, I had some of the typical misconceptions in the beginning as well.

So, let's look at a few of the myths, and make the facts known.

To begin with - sorry, you can't just order a mail order bride and have her shipped to you.

Nor will your citizenship in a western country, or generally anything else, buy her affection. You will need to show her that you are the kind of man she is looking for, just like in your country.

Russian mail order brides in particular are quite proud of their country, and rightfully so, with its rich cultural history and architecture, among other things.

It is a myth that these are low class women looking for escape from economic hardship in their countries. The reality is that they simply want to find someone who is a nice person with good intentions, with whom to build a relationship and possibly a family.

Having said that, there are exceptions, and you could encounter a scam or run into a gold digger in Russia just like in your own country, or anywhere else. There is much more to this topic that is worth knowing, so click here to read a thorough discussion of Russian dating scams. But for the most part, a Russian woman is looking for the same thing anyone is -- to love and be loved, and to be in a relatively secure environment.

There is a shortage of men in the former Soviet Union (FSU) and certainly a shortage of men who are capable of supporting a wife and child.

We'll explore some of these things, along with other issues and sources for contacting these exceptional ladies in the pages that follow.

So, whether you are new to the Russian mail order brides phenomenon, or just want to learn more, feel free to browse these pages for more information. Or add your question, story, or tip below.
Warm wishes from New-dating,.com

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