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Oh yeah fruit! And the author of such an announcement is waiting for a wave of public resonance, and a clogged mailbox, and it will wait. But the helpful date rate will be zero. Because maintaining a balance of truth and fiction is important not only in a resume, but also in an ad on a dating site. Like a resume, like any advertisement, an ad is a means of promoting a product. I apologize in advance to the gentlemen of advertisers, but the best way to part with the product is to lie from three boxes. However, "lying" is so inelegant. Let's say "use the Aesopian language", mix the tale and the facts. Instructive examples: Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, God and the Old Testament.Dating abroad, men from all over the world are looking for dating with Ukrainian women.

Get married in Germany or Switzerland, dating abroad! Dating Forum - Dating site with profiles from Germany, USA, Italy, England, France, etc.

Dating with foreigners for marriage, dating abroad with men from America, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. Get married in Germany or Switzerland! Dating site with a huge database of profiles for dating abroad. Questionnaires of unmarried men in Europe.

Large dating site - Convenient search for profiles.

What is nice, there is no need to lie directly in the announcement. Most often it is required to retouch, say, "creatively interpret" a sad truth. For example, you can play billiards 3-5 times a week in the gym. Naive girls at the words "little fluffy animals" draw pictures of squirrels in the forest. I imagine lumps of dust accumulating in the corners of the untidy rooms of a bachelor's apartment. A "successful entrepreneur" can sell Herbalife, and what a "long-term relationship" is, everyone defines in their own way. Time, as Einstein deduced, is a relative concept.

It turns out that writing an ad does not require any creative skills, except for those that fishing gives - the ability to put bait on a hook. One girl adds to the list of merits "the ability to drink the most in the company" - a dubious quality, especially if she comes across a company of doctors. Another writes that "she is brown-haired, of average build, of average height, loves to read, listens to Elton John, her hobby is cross-stitching." I'm buying, no, wrap up two!

So what's the tactic? In the absence of tactics. There is a radical strategy: cold, sterile honesty. First, you don't have to suffer an inferiority complex before the first date - you warned. Secondly, you are much more likely to meet someone who will like you the way you are.

So let's start over:

"A middle-aged man who loves his job in the dolphinarium, dreams of meeting a pretty sweet woman. I love walks, because I do not have a car. I love animals, because I have mice. I play bowling and billiards. I promise to answer all letters, because that you will be the author of one of them. "

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