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A little more than two years have passed since the publication of the first materials about Internet technologies and information resources of this global network. During this time, the Internet in Russia has changed significantly.

From the point of view of a Web user, the Internet has moved from professionals to a consumer product, and everyone has the right to receive or publish any information on the Web (although financial problems often arise). There is a simple tool for all this - the World Wide Web.

It's no secret that Internet users often have virtual romances online in their virtual lives.

Here's an example (source - Newsweek): John Goydan from Bridgewater, New Jersey started a divorce suit against his wife on the basis that she cheated on him in virtual reality. His wife wrote love letters and sent them to her lover by e-mail. He, of course, also wrote her romantic letters and this did not suit her husband extremely!

However, it is clear that online love games are as intense as real love!

What do we have?

There are many chat servers in Russia where most people try to enjoy communication or virtual love. What's going on?

The main feature of a virtual novel is that a person at a computer does not see their interlocutor - they can be anyone. For some people, this gives room to hide their flaws. Would you be surprised to learn that your best friend is an 8-year-old child? Or that Don Juan is a grandmother from a charity orphanage?

In reality, a virtual romance can last for several days, or maybe months. You can invite your loved one on a date - just like in real life. However, if a person tells the pure truth in his love affairs, the matter will not go far, such a novel is initially inferior. What is this virtuality, similar to the real world? I would like to visit the moon with my loved one or fly to an uninhabited island. It all depends on the imagination of the users.

In real life, not everyone can afford it. So maybe we're complicating things for ourselves?

So what is virtual love?

First of all, it's a game! Yes, a great game of two people, a game of love. (Tell yourself honestly, would you like to be loved, cared for?) But sometimes virtual love turns into real one. Two people decide to meet in real life. This does not always happen, only when he (she) and you understand that we need each other. However, almost always the difference in distances in real life is large enough and a meeting is almost impossible.

Here's an example from the famous chat server:

12 hours 26 minutes

Nightwalker: Going to the Moon?

Cherry: Night Wanderer, I'd love to!

12 hours 34 minutes

Nightstrider: I have found moon flowers for you. Tell me how they smell!

Cherry: They're beautiful! I forget about everything!

12 hours 56 minutes

Nightstrider: Let me pour you Moonlight Wine. For our happiness!

Cherry: For love!

0 hours 42 minutes

(message on the server)

Nightwalker and Cherry retire.

(I would like to note that on the given server there are rooms for one-on-one conversation)

This is how virtual novels begin, how they end, only the participants themselves know.

The Internet is becoming a source of not only large amounts of information, but also human emotions! Let's see what the future shows!
Online dating service for international dates. Join us for free and find someone special!

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