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Maryana Oleinik. Online dating service for international dates. Join us for free and find someone special!
Sobriety, cold calculation, planning an acquaintance, the first meeting But what about feelings, but where is love? - our young readers have the right to exclaim. I emphasize young, because more mature women, as a rule, do not ask such questions. Unofficial statistics of marriage agencies show that clients with children are less picky than young girls who are not burdened with families, and the first need less time to think about it than the last. For women who are wise with some experience and have already lost their lives in this life, a big age difference is more acceptable (after all, it is no secret that there are many grandfathers of pre- and retirement years among foreign suitors), they tend to turn a blind eye to the physical disabilities of their potential spouses. Young ones, however, have more claims and ambitions, and therefore, it is somewhat more difficult for them to choose and decide on a serious step.

I'm 29 years old, says a girl who communicates with men from far abroad via the Internet. - They write to me mostly forties and older. One, however, was 33 years old, but with two children. For a long time he did not answer my question about who the children live with, and I realized that, apparently, with him. He soon stopped writing altogether. Another one writes - not a bad person, it seems, but, you know, deaf in one ear. The girls say, - they say, so what, maybe he is quite normal, tell me, let him come! And I don't know And here's a man from Holland. He is 54 years old. It seems to me that he started to correspond just like that, but now he hints that marriage is not a problem for him, even if I have a child "

There are, of course, men who give in to the child of their bride, but there are also those for whom even the two children of their chosen one do not become an insurmountable obstacle. Here's an example: Lydia was not at all thrilled with her overseas pen pal. However, not happy is still to put it mildly: a couple of days after Bob settled in her apartment (obviously, this American took the invitation to visit her too literally), almost in the same room with her two kids. Lida with indignation and snorting told a close friend about what he, in her words, a "goon". After staying for some time, Bob left, but their relationship, contrary to forecasts, did not end. More recently, Lydia and her children left for the United States on a bride visa. Girlfriends explain this by the fact that her betrothed was inflamed with the most tender feelings for her. To put it simply, I fell in love very well She, they say, still had nothing to lose

However, you should not get discouraged: the picture is not at all as bleak as you might have thought. It is possible that Lydia, like our other compatriots who find themselves in the same or similar circumstances, will eventually turn out well. (Which of the immortal Pushkin's lines do you like best - "is a habit given to us from above, it is a substitute for happiness" or "love of all ages is submissive"?)

As happened, for example, with Galina. Entering into correspondence with her future husband, Galya was looking for anything but love. There was already love in her life, there was also a beloved husband who abandoned her and her four-month-old son, without even bothering to explain the reasons for his act. Galya, according to her, was already fed up with love. Therefore, to the question of "girlfriends in misfortune" (clients of the same marriage agency), not without envy watching Galina's lively correspondence with an American from Utah, "Well, how do you feel about him?" the young woman replied: How? But in no way! But I don't need anything else besides calmness Nevertheless, Galya, judging by her letters, is quite happy with her life in the United States with her new husband and children (her husband also had a child). Not only do you need to look for such loving husbands as Americans. However, how many people, so many, they say, and opinions

God grant that your story has its own "happy ending". You will tell it to us, and next time we can cite it as another positive example. Perhaps then the chapter on love will no longer be one of the shortest.
Maryana Oleinik. Online dating service for international dates. Join us for free and find someone special!

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