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Until next time, -Lana ( Lana Otoya - Founder, Lead Coach )
Today we're going to get a little personal!

I wanted to share with you ladies how/when I knew that my current boyfriend was "the one".

I think I determined that this man was the man I was going to marry when we had been dating for about a month.

I could list countless reasons for why I was falling so hard for him but there are two that were really the most important:

1. He was really interested in me

2. He was ready for a long-term relationship

Don't get me wrong, I think he's amazing and we get along very well on a personal level. Sense of humour, interests, all of that is amazing.

But the one thing that allowed me to really see a future with him was the fact that he didn't lead me on, he never ghosted me or didn't plan dates. He made it very obvious to me that he was committed.

When you find a man that is committed to you and the relationship, everything else will be a lot easier.

This is how true long-term relationships are created and it's easy to see if he's going to be this kind of man from the very beginning.

If you need any help figuring out if a man is truly interested, apply for dating coaching here:
Until next time, -Lana ( Lana Otoya - Founder, Lead Coach )

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