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Online dating service for international dates. Join us for free and find someone special!
We'd like to remind all our new and current members that now you can easily upgrade to Privileged membership because

we can accept payment via PayPal (as a donation at the moment). So you can choose one of available

membership plans and get your bonus:

buy 1 month privileged membership and get 2 months instead;

buy 2 months privileged membership and get 3 months instead;

buy 4 months privileged membership and get 6 months instead;

buy 6 months privileged membership and get the whole year (12 months) of Gold status access!

You also may wish to donate another, smaller sum and we will also offer you some weeks of membership.

If you wish to try this option, please use our email for identification -,

in the comment please leave your email (registered at our website).

We also have to inform that except for Paypal payment by cards is also possible through PayDo e-Wallet.

Payments are made after a single registration of the client without any need for additional verification.

You have to register with PayDo e-Wallet, deposit the necessary sum to your new e-wallet

and pay for your membership using e-Wallet funds.

This way we will update your membership asap. Your account will get new registration date and will be shown on top

of the Search result.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at

Best wishes from
Online dating service for international dates. Join us for free and find someone special!

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