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Are you going for your First date today? Be careful in choosing the dress you are going to wear. Getting ready for your first date should be special and not to be taken casually. Always remember first impression is the last impression and that first impression will have a lasting impression on your date's mind. May be you say its not the looks or appearance that matters but your date may have a different view about it. It is true that you and your personality are judged by your appearance. Gather some hints from here:

You are no less than women. Just like suggested for women, your clothes are an extension of who you are and how you would like to be treated on your date. While men's clothing may not be as complicated as women's, a great look is all in the details. The type of shirt, the color of the tie, the socks and shoes, all contribute to creating a strong impression. The most common mistakes that guys make are dressing too casually. May be you think that women do not care about your outfit but remember women loves a man who enjoys being bold and expresses his individuality through his clothes. Don't try to show off but just pay careful attention to the details. Try to balance both according to the time and place where you are going to. Whether you are going for a formal or casual dating

Your dress should be neat and clean and decent.

Don't be too formally dressed up with business attire or too casual with pajamas on.

Avoid buying a new outfit for your first date.

Wearing a favorite outfit will give you the peace of mind and makes you much more comfortable.

It has been noticed a lot that people put all their efforts on the suit they are going to wear and ignore their feet and shoes completely. Your feet should not be ignored. It is as important as your outfit. Wear the shoes appropriate to the suit and again, the time, place and weather. It should be neat, clean and, of course not in the shabby condition.
New Dating

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