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In my humble opinion these should not be on the same line or level as they are two entirely different things.


LOVE is giving without thinking of getting anything in return, it is being with someone, with whom one cares about their well being, caring for someone enough to give your best, regardless of what your best is. LOVE is kind, never hurting the other person regardless of what they do to you. LOVE IS, a willingness to give up your life for another person, not always your spouse, or your children, or friends, or relatives. It does not require that they be someone you know.

Do I have it? NO!

Do most people think they do? YES!

Do they? NO!

Do they understand love? No!

Do they think they do? PROBABLY.

Most of us attach all kinds of things to LOVE that make it impossible to obtain. Like, "If you will change your ways, If you will change your personally, or take out the trash, or sweep the floor, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop doing drugs, chasing other women or men," I WILL LOVE YOU MORE! NOT! The only way to change another person.... is to wait for them to see something in you that they want more than what they are doing, and then and only then "WILL THEY CHANGE THEMSELVES" you can't change anyone but yourself.....

and then only if you want to change!


Aw, now here is an animal of a whole different breed! We have these in all aspects of our lives; Employers, where we shop, friends, relatives, in-laws, people we meet in our daily lives. I believe that it is possible to have an encounter with another person and not love them but, enjoy their company, whatever that company is. One may see a RELATIONSHIP as a start to a short term affair or a long term of the same, or friendship, or love and marriage. It all hinges on what the people involved want from it and what they are willing to give up to get what they want.

I am not here for LOVE, only relationships! I've got all the love that I can handle at home. I want to meet new people from all over the world, explore their world, thoughts, dreams (and giving something that is memorable to them) to fill a temporary void in their lives and at the same time filling some in mine. So what If we differ in opinion? Maybe you can use my experiences to avoid the stumbling blocks in your world, or at least to look at others from a different approach, as each of us are different in so many ways. No two people are alike.


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