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Bobbi Grant
One: Be honest with yourself. Go to the sink, run warm water, and find your favorite soap... wash your face gently and thoroughly. Next, pat your face dry. Then... look at it closely in the mirror. Notice your eyes, the happy lines around it. Make an awful frowny face in the mirror. YUCK! Now put on a big old happy smile! See the difference? Every line, crevice and wrinkle produced by your toothy grin is beautiful, and speaks volumes about YOU, while the frowny lines deduct from your happy being. First step in falling in love is to love yourself first. Others will follow! Remember to smile a lot and often! A smile is priceless and infectious, too!

Two: Don't sweat your body imperfections. Chances are that the opposite sex won't even notice. And if they do, well ask yourself if you really want someone who is so shallow that they can't look past the physical self to the true beauty of the being inside. There are certain guideposts one might consider: hygiene is a biggie, of course (unless one is into funk... eeyewww!) And, the understanding that some folks are just attracted to certain body styled. Ok, be that as it may, just concentrate on what you've been given and make it work for you. Be the best that you can be. Being in good shape doesn't necessarily mean that you must be model slender - be fit, be toned and like yourself, no matter what shape you are! Your confidence will attract the right partner for you!

Three: Be open to new things! Vow to try something new, something that you may never have dreamed of trying before. Perhaps skydiving, or scuba diving. Learn to ride a motorcycle (I just did - its great!). Get your CDL license. Join a writer's group. Do anything that you might consider out of the ordinary for you... become extra-ordinary! By doing so, you open new doors of wonder and widen your horizons, making yourself more and more available to meet more people and accept love in your life. Don't allow fear to rule you - take control of your own destiny by removing fear from your vocabulary and replacing it with FUN !

Falling in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. We do it every day and might not even notice! A smile, a certain look, a particular movement, all things that attract us to another occur every day. Keep your eyes open, know what it is that you like and go for it!

Bobbi Grant

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