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I had prepared for this date many weeks in advanced. I saved money back to go out and buy a new outfit all the way down to the shoes, socks and boxing shorts. I really wanted to make an impression on this nice looking girl that I thought would never go out with me in a million years but after asking her out week after week for a couple months she gave in and said she would go out with me but she said I would have to wait until she got back from seeing her parents that lived out of State and that she would be gone for about a month.

As you probably know I was so excited and sat back and dreamed about this date night after night and during the day I prepared for it like talking into the mirror wondering what kind of lines to use on her and what kind of subjects to talk about. Then there was where to take her to put a impression on her, so after nights and nights of thinking about it and not having much money I decided to try to save enough to take her to a steak house which was nice but with in my price range.

Well the big day had arrived and I had my car looking so nice you would swear it was a brand new one. I picked her up and she looked so pretty in her blue short dress with a split up the middle I knew that I had to make this girl happy because I would want to take her out again. We got on the interstate to drive down to the town 30 miles away where the steak house was located and on the way down I heard a big popping sound and I knew I had blown a tire, so I pulled over and not feeling to good about this thinking the love gods where mad at me and hated me I had to get out and change the tire and as you would think, it got my clothes dirty and wasn't looking the best, but she insisted we continue on down to the restaurant where I could go into the bathroom to clean up the best I could and we could enjoy the rest of the evening. Well, we got back on the interstate and everything was going great as we broke into conversation and I had her laughing, I thought that I had her in the palm of my hands now. We made it down to the town where the steak house was located and we was heading there I heard a funny sound coming from the engine, the kind of sound that you know you are in trouble and all of a sudden the car quit running! I tried and tried to get it to start but with no luck. Having no choice I had to call the tow truck and use my money that was suppose to be used on the date of a life time and pay the tow truck driver to haul my car and me and my dream date back to my home town.

We were very hungry by this time and I felt in my pockets and I had a little over two dollars left in them and as we pulled into out town I asked the tow truck driver if he could pull over at this fast food restaurant so I could buy my date something to eat, so with a little dirty look he agreed and pulled in and I that I could afford on the menu was a hamburger so I ordered it for her and as we drove on home she tore it in half and gave me some - and you will never guess who I ended up marrying? Yes my dream date 6 months later!


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