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Ahh! Relationships! They come and They go!

I've just about seen them all I refuse to read Men are from Mars and Women from Venus (we already know that :-) I also stopped scoping out astrological signs and seeing whether or not Me and Him match. Believe me it works. Don't even ask for the sign!!! (Although it's posted on our Cupid-profile) here are my thoughts on relationships:

I believe that the minute a woman and or man decides to give up their individuality, in a relationship, that's when things go wrong.. We must try to keep the flames going, be spontaneous, do something you thought you would never do. Continue being yourself, keep your social life, keep your head up in the air, and never submit to being in love with that person first. It should happen mutually. I don't know I guess it's just me. Sometimes being single isn't all too bad. But it's worse feeling lonely. Can we try to be ourselves from beginning to end? Why do we pretend to be someone else in the beginning only to find out it was all false at the end? That hurts! Come on Ladies, be yourselves and guys don't try to impress to undress... We'd probably give it to you anyway, just because we like you and you make us feel comfortable around you.

I don't know if anyone out there understands me, but if you are one, (like Me) who has been in and out of relationships, you should know - It isn't easy and it takes work. Unfortunately, in this time and age, we tend to shy away from the work because it's easier... Come on folks, everyone needs TLC, I don't care how tough, or bullheaded, or proud you are. Hurry up! Try it, before it gets too late, or someone else takes him/her away from you!!

Good Luck!


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